Sailing is fun and exciting. Unfortunately it was inaccessible for those without the proper experience, for those who lacked the physical strength and for those on a tight budget.

But that has all changed with the introduction of the WindRider Trimarans. The WindRider Trimarans are open sailboat trimarans that can be launched from any beach, marina and even rocky shores. Operating these boats is so much simpler than any other sailboat, but they are still faster than most.

A WindRider Trimaran is the best choice for any company that wants to offer a sailing-activity or watersports-activity to its guests and customers because:

   - It is accessible;
Sailing a WindRider does not require a good physical condition.
   - It is safe;
Capsizing is almost impossible.
   - It is easy;

People without any prior experience can use a WindRider after a 5-minute explanation.
   - It is exciting;

WindRiders are fast and can go places where other sailboats canít go.
   - It is comfortable;

The sailors sit on comfortable seats and are protected from waves. In most instances special clothing isnít even required.
   - It is green;

Sailing is a very environment friendly activity and almost all parts of the polyethylene WindRider are recyclable, unlike polyester boats.

And most important...

   - It is profitable;

The WindRider Trimarans are incredibly strong and require only very little maintenance. Most companies earn their investment back well within the first year.

The WindRider Trimarans are already the favorite choice of many resorts, hotels and watersports companies worldwide. More and more sailing enthusiasts from Europe and the USA are choosing their next holiday destination depending on the availability of sailboat rental and WindRider rental in particular.

Asia Hydrosail offers complete solutions for those organisations interested in adding WindRider Trimaran sailing to their other activities. We are offering:

- Corporate Sales.

- Corporate Leasing.

- The Sail Today Instructional Program.

- On Site Maintenance and Support.

- Marketing Assistance.

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