The WindRider 17 Trimaran is the most popular model in the WindRider Trimaran range. It seats up to 4 people but it can also easily be sailed solo.

A trimaran has three hulls connected together with crossbeams. The WindRider 17 Trimaran has some significant advantages over boats with one hull like dinghies and over boats that have two hulls like catamarans:

The WindRider 17 Trimaran is much more stable than any small dinghy or catamaran and it doesn’t heel much making the ride comfortable and safe. And there is no risk of catapulting, the scary forward capsizing that all beach catamarans suffer from.

The WindRider 17 Trimaran can access any beach without anything breaking down, because there are no parts like rudders or daggerboards sticking out underneath, as is a common problem with all other boats. It can sail in water as shallow as 50 centimeters but operates just as good in waves up to 1,5 meters high.

Steering in the WindRider is done with the feet and thus the sailor keeps his hands free to control the sails. The WindRider 17 Trimaran is the only boat of its size that can be sailed fast single-handed.

No other 17 feet long sailboat can offer space up to 4 people and their belongings and still be this fast. So with this boat you will not only add sailing to your activities but it is also possible to take scuba-dive, fishing and snorkel equipment on board to present those activities in a mobile way as well.

The WindRider 17 Trimaran is without a doubt the ideal sailboat for rental, instruction and tour purposes.

Please also view below for some movies of the WindRider 17 in action!




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