The WindRider Tango is the smallest WindRider. This compact trimaran has many interesting features:

- The main hull is self bailing.

- The space between the seat and the steering pedals is easily adjustable. Children from 1 meter up to guys of 2 meters long can take the WindRider Tango out for some hours of fun.

- The kick-up rudder makes it easy to launch the boat from any beach.

- Installing and rigging the WindRider Tango  takes less then 5 minutes

- One person can launch the WindRider Tango from the beach and haul it back up again.

Like the other WindRiders, the Tango has polyethylene hulls, which are virtually indestructible and apart from an occasional wash with fresh water, it doesn't require any maintenance.

The innovative shape of the outer-hulls make that the WindRider Tango is as close to capsize proof as a boat can get. Children that have never sailed before can take it out safely and most important, can return as well.

The WindRider Tango is
a safe and sure way of fun on the water suitable for nearly all ages.


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